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Russia is a huge country not only geographically. In addition, it is a new large market for your business. Aссording to the 1st of January 2018, there are about 147 million people in Russia. Only in capital-Moscow are registered 12,5 million of people (according to Rosstat's official information).

According to data from February 2018 of Mediascope Research Company, 90 million of people or 73% of Russian population use the internet at least once per month. 59% of them-from mobile devices (tablets and phones). 52% of users spend time for social networks every day.

In line with Association of Communication Agencies in Russia (AKAR), in the first half of 2018 size of Russian advertising market was 218 billion rubles. 42% of them or 91 billion rubles occurred in internet ads.


As you see, this is a huge growing market and market-entry can bring your company new clients and revenue growth.

Is digital marketing in Russia, EU and USA the same?

Yes and no in the same time. From one side, Russia is close to Western culture. Nevertheless, from the other, there are many popular local web resources here. Surely, you already heard about Russian Google that is called Yandex and social network VK, which is like Facebook, but "same but different".

Adapt your digital marketing in Russia

Concentration in the capital

Despite the fact that country territory is enormous, income and consumer demand distribution are uneven. Almost all economic activity concentrates in Moscow and in to a lesser extent in Saint Petersburg. There are other million-person cities, but ads campaign for Moscow can generate higher profit than campaign on all other Russia's territory.

Adapt your digital marketing in Russia

Own web services

To assess how popular are local services in Russia let's look at Mediascope research one more time. In February 2018 the most popular web-resource in Russia became Yandex with 23,7 million users. The second one was VK and Google got only third place with 19,9 million users.

Adapt your digital marketing in Russia


In the country fairly low level of English, therefore all marketing materials and activities necessary perform in Russian. Even Google does not know Russian enough well, when we talk about semantic core, as a Russian Yandex does. It is important to consider this fact when you work with SEO or PPC advertising in Russia and leave this work to a native speaker.

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I'm Gala Ivannikova, professional digital marketing manager with master degree in the field. I have been working in marketing since 2008 and only in digital marketing since 2014. I provide digital marketing services on Russia and CIS market for b2b and service sector.

With my team, we can help you with translation and adaptation your marketing materials to Russian, SEO optimization in Russia, contextual and targeting advertising, content marketing.

Key services

Website translation in accordance with SEO

Creation and clustering semantic core, good quality translation of your site, internal optimisation of website.

Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika connection and setup

Counters registration and installation to the website, goals set up, remarketing audience set up, help with call-tracking system integration.

Yandex Direct and Google AdWords advertising

Search and Display ads, remarketing, targeting by emails or phone numbers of your clients, look-alike, video ads on Yandex and YouTube

Facebook, Instagram and VK targeting advertising

Ads account registration, pixel set up, campaigns set up and management

Social media account management

General strategy development, content monthly planning, regular posts to Facebook, Instagram, VK account.

Content marketing including video translation

SEO blog for your website, social media account management, translation for video for YouTube channel including subtitles, voice and other text inside the video.

Work example

Комплексный интернет-маркетинг для Sommet Education в России и СНГ

Digital marketing adaptation for Swiss company Sommet Education

Landing Page CR from Search PPC increased 2,63 times

Leads per month grown up 2,9 times in August regarding to May 2018

Cost Per Lead 53% decreased during the last 3 months

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