Digital Marketing Analyst | Google Data Studio Expert


Digital Marketing Analyst
Google Data Studio Expert

Full-time freelancer data analyst with more than 10 years of experience in marketing. I love to create useful and clear dashboards and help my clients to make data-driven decisions.

Since 2019 I have been concentrating on BI projects and creating Google Data Studio reports.

Depending on the client's needs I can work with different data sources:

  • For simple projects using direct connectors to Google Data Studio is enough.
  • For more complicated projects I create Google Sheets tables with pivot tables or complicated calculations.
  • If you have more data, I can work with Google Big Query and use SQL to prepare your data for visualization.


My background in marketing helps me to understand the business owner and management needs. I launched many Google and Facebook Ads campaigns on my own, managed SEO specialists, and social media managers, that got me knowledge of marketing and sales key-metrics.

I do not merely create a report but can give advice and consult on set-up data tracking systems for digital marketing (Google Analytics and event tracking in Google Tag Manager).

In addition, as a Russian marketing specialist, I have a high command of specific Russian services like Yandex Direct, and Yandex Metrika.

Let me introduce myself

Projects & Work Experience

Individual Entrepreneur

Digital Marketing Manager

June 2017
Till now

Job responsibilities

In June 2017 I registered like individual entrepreneur and since then I have been working as a freelancer. Mostly I do PPC - Google AdWords, Yandex Direct and Facebook/Instagram ads.

I specialize on b2b and services and almost never had clients in e-commerce field. My main clients work in business automation software and high education fields.

Besides that, I had some projects with touristic companies, real estate, sales ticket for exhibition Russian Barber Week, furniture, interior design and other.

I like to work with adaptation international digital marketing strategy for our Russia and CIS market. More details about that please find here.



  • In high education field cost per lead from PPC channel decreased in 3,4 times after 3 month of working.
  • Quantity of leads in July 2018 compare with August 2017 increased for 45% for 1C business automation company.
  • Obtained more than 120 leads from Facebook ads in Kazakhstan for premium university in Switzerland.
  • Google AdWords and Yandex Direct campaign with ROMI 158% for Russian Barber Week exhibition.
  • Run online-course - How to build Google AdWords search campaign 


Digital Marketing Manager

Moscow, Russia
October 2014 — June 2017
2 years 9 months


In WiseAdvice Consulting Group, I worked on several projects:

10/2014 - 05/2015 and 12/2016-06/2017 - Independent Expertise Honest

10/2015 - 06/2017 - Law services of protection of consumers PravPunkt

05/2015 - 12/2016 - Franchisee of software developer 1C for business automatisation WiseAdvice-it


Job responsibilities

  1. New web-site development
    1. Site structure generation in consideration of usability and SEO constraints.
    2. Building interactive prototypes in Axure RP.
    3. Drawing up and controlling of terms of reference (TOR) for designer, programmer.
    4. Gathering, writing and publishing content.
    5. Set up Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager including goals and integration of dynamic call-tracking system.
  2. Developing and implementing advertising strategies (work with traffic)
    1. Building a semantic kernel for SEO and PPC.
    2. Copywriting and periodic correcting meta-tags together with SEO specialist.
    3. Drawing up of terms of reference and copywriting in line with TOR articles for blog.
    4. Publishing news on company's website, groups on social media and thematic placements.
    5. Building and executing advertising companies in Google AdWords and Yandex Direct: search, display, remarketing, YouTube (a little bit).
    6. Creation and development of paid advertising campaigns on social media (Vkontakte and Facebook).
    7. Production of video instructions for company website. You can find examples here or here.
  3. Data analysis and reports
    1. Constant data controlling on Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika, Webvizor, Call tracking system, sales in CRM (based in 1C software).
    2. Daily goals and expenditure monitoring of advertising campaigns.
    3. Analyze and interpret monthly site metrics and present recommendations to leadership.



  1. Independent Expertise Honest
    Stable incoming flow of leads from website. Digital marketing was transitioned from loss channel to profitable. Conversion rate became 4,2%, previous version of website <1%. Quantity leads per month about 450-500.
  2. Law services of protection of consumers PravPunkt
    Before launch of new site, statistics didn't track. During the first month after launch we obtained 60 leads, conversion rate was 0,93%. After optimization PPC campaigns, quantity of leads became about 100 per month, conversion rate increased till 2.29%. Cost per lead decreased by 47%.
  3. Franchisee of software developer 1C for business automatization WiseAdvice-it
    I worked on the new company website consisting of more than 100 unique pages each of them is a landing page. Data analysis system was built and include Google Analytics, call tracking Ringostat, CRM based on 1C software. During the first month after launch we obtained 184 leads 159 of them from Search Paid advertising. Convertion rate was 1,9%.

Digital Marketing Agency‎

Digital Marketing Manager

Moscow, Russia
April 2014 — August 2014
5 months

Job responsibilities

  • Customer’s interview, looking for their strengths and weaknesses, determination of target audience, formulation of unique selling proposition (USP).
  • Express market and competitors analysis.
  • Drawing up terms of reference (TOR) for landing page development.
  • Copywriting for landing pages.
  • Customers budget planning.
  • Media planning and tasking for specialists.
  • Controlling of landing pages and paid advertising companies production.
  • Data analysis and preparation reports for customers.


  • Average conversion rate in agency increase from 1,08% to 4,05%.
  • The monitoring system of clients expenditures was built.
  • Launching time for new clients was reduced from 30 to 10 days.
  • Max conversion rate of landing page was 12,9%. As a result, the company generated more than 90 leads per month for this client.

Retailium Marketing

Projects Manager

Moscow, Russia
September 2013 — February 2014
6 months

Job responsibilities

  • Organization offline marketing activities for Dell company:
    • Retail sales assistant motivation programs
    • Loyalty programs
    • Business events for sales assistants and head of retails chains.
  • Projects planning
  • Estimate of expenditures
  • Confirmation with Dell marketing department
  • Projects control
  • Circulation of documents
  • Preparation project budget report for investors (Dell, Microsoft, Intel and Ubuntu).


Head of board games development department

Moscow, Russia
July 2012 — August 2013
1 year 2 months

Job responsibilities

  • Building business process in board games development department.
  • Project management from game idea till production.
  • Negotiation with authors, right holders, foreigner publishers.
  • Working with designers, photographers, copywriters, translators (regular employees and freelancers).
  • Board games production and branding for corporate customers.
  • Preparation presentations for corporate customers

As a result of my work the system of the project development was created. The quality of production was improved a lot. Was created strong base for future quantity and quality product improving.


Head of advertising and design department

Moscow, Russia
January 2010 — April 2012
2 years 4 months

Job responsibilities

  • Building business process in advertising and design department.
  • Form a department team: job interview, coaching, assignment of tasks and executive control.
  • Working with designers, photographers, copywriters, translators (regular employees and freelancers).


Department responsibilities

  • Keeping relevant information on 4 company online stores (goods, photos, news).
  • Participating to website development, including conversion optimization.
  • Building corporate identity for own and franchise stores.
  • Producing and distribution of POS materials.
  • Social Media activities
  • Offline advertising: billboards in metro, mass mailing, printed media and other activities.

Agrovetzachita Ltd.

Junior Marketing Manager

Moscow, Russia
September 2008 — August 2009
1 year

Job responsibilities

  • Circulation of documents (agreements, invoices etc.)
  • Work with printed media
  • Content management work on company website
  • Organization participation in trade fairs
  • Managing promotional products

Education & certificates

Russian University of Cooperation

Moscow, 2004-2009
Marketing, specialist

Further education course

2020 - Data Analyst,
2014 -  Digital marketing manager

Google Analytics

Certificate, 2015-2020


Google AdWords

Certificate, 2015-2017

What else?


Russian — native

English — Upper-Intermediate

Portuguese — Intermediate (B1)

Work Experience

more than 10 years
in Marketing general

more than 7 years
in Digital Marketing

Interests and Hobbies

(brazilian martial art) since 2010

Digital Nomad lifestyle since 2016


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