SEO blog and PPC ads for trekking tours to Argentina

SEO blog and PPC ads for trekking tours to Argentina

Period of work: August 2018 — March 2019
Type: SEO blog + Yandex Direct


The challenge

BairesTours offers expeditionary tours to Argentina and neighbouring countries in Latin America. The company provides trekking tours for 10-15 days to the distant parts of the country where you can find incredible wild nature. Average cost of the tour 2000 euros, airplane tickets are not included.

Client addressed to me in August 2018 to attract leads for the tour which was planned for January 2019.
Two moments are important to mention:

  • Tours to Argentina for Russian market are exotic and there is almost no demand for Yandex and Google ads. Users don’t search the relevant keywords.
  • Client manages Facebook and Instagram ads himself and doesn’t plan to outsource this channel.

The solution

Under given conditions the following strategy was offered: enhancing organic SEO traffic on website and Yandex Direct Display ads.

At the beginning we set up goals in Yandex Metrika and Google Analytics to track effect of advertising campaigns. Also, we added banners of the upcoming tour to all info pages of website.

Новогодний баннер BairesTours

We collected keywords for SEO blog and for PPC advertising.

The following Yandex Direct campaigns were launched:

  1. Search Ads. Although demand of tours to Argentina was tiny, we decided to launch all relevant keywords with landing to tour page. With the help of this we reached audience with formed demand.
  2. Yandex Direct Display with thematic and close keywords with landing to January tour’s page. There we used graphic and text-graphic promotion. In addition, we ran video extensions with video from the previous client’s tour.
  3. Remarketing campaign for users who have already visited our website.
  4. Yandex Direct Display campaign with low CPC rates to attract traffic to blog and improve behavioral dimensions.

After a while we restructured our main landing page (tour page) and made it more attractive for potential clients.


Страница тура BairesTours


We connected website to Yandex Dialogs and Turbo-pages.

We executed SEO audit and fulfil internal website optimization based on audit results.

We started to add regular posts to blog in the end of August 2018.

Блог BairesTours


The results

Client sold out the whole New Year tour advertising campaign was started for. Main goal was achieved.
Quantity of users from organic traffic grew by 72% since September 2018 till February 2019. Google Organic traffic increased for 81%, Yandex Organic for 65%.
Quantity of keywords in TOP 3 grew by 9 times, in TOP 10 — by 11 times and in TOP 30 — by 7 times.

Parameter Result
New Year Argentina tour sales Sold out
Organic traffic on website Grow by 72%
Quantity of keywords in TOP 3 Grow by 9 times


ScreenshotsРост SEO трафика BairesTours Запросы в ТОП BairesTours


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