Google Data Studio reports. Part 5 – traffic report page by page

Отчеты в Google Data Studio часть 5. Отчет по трафику

Google Data Studio reports. Part 5 – traffic report page by page

On the links you can find previous parts of this story: the first one is about Google Data Studio introduction, the second is about styles, the third is about the report based on one data source and the fourth is about blended data.

Report template

Also you can find this template on the link.

Google Data Studio report structure

Let’s go page by page on our traffic Google Data Studio report and I give you some comments. Report template you can find on the link – PPC traffic report sample.

On the first page I give the main project overview: clicks, cost, CPC, conversions, conversion rate and CPL.

Структура общего отчета по трафику в Google Data Studio


After that I show a month breakdown and CPL by month on the right side.

On the next page I demonstrate conversions by advertising platform. On the top dashboard you can find quantity of conversions by source based only on Google Analytics account data. That dashboard provides data from all sources: paid traffic, organic, referral, etc. I want to show all conversions, but as this report is PPC traffic report, further I will show a data only from a paid media.

On the right side from the first dashboards you can see a data table with all PPC conversions by month and by advertising platform.

Лиды по каналам в Google Data Studio


Bellow on this page you can find the previous month Cost and CPL in total and by advertising platform.
On the next pages I present each advertising platform separately but keep same page structure.

This report could be prepared for Chief of Marketing department, CEO or client, since it gives a basic overview for project without details in a short time.

And on the last page I suggest to add your contacts, that report user could ask your additional questions if needed.

Hope, this series of articles was useful and helps to prepare your convenient and clear reports. But if you have questions till now and you would like to get some help with data visualization and analysis, please, feel free to contact me.

Google Data Studio Вопросы



Current article consists of 5 parts and 2 report’s templates. Other parts you can find on the links.

  1. Google Data Studio the first steps
  2. Styles in Google Data Studio
  3. Report template based on 1 data source – Google Analytics
  4. Working with blended data in Google Data Studio

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