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Do all the Russians love vodka as much as people think they do? Alcohol consumption in Russia overview

In this article we are going to approve or to ruin a myth about vodka consumption in Russia. Is vodka really the most drunk thing among other alcoholic drinks in Russia? We have analysed a dataset containing information about alcohol consumption in Russia, comparing and highlighting the most and least loved drinks, the most and the least drinking regions. To check the report out  click here .

Sales funnel of an online store in Google Data Studio

If the e-commerce reports are set up, the sales funnel is graphically illustrated in Google Analytics. On one screen you see a general number of sessions, sessions with adding products to the cart and transactions.

It is very convenient but sometimes it is needed to change the levels of a sales funnel, to add some details or simply to brand the report and send it to the client in *.pdf format. For these cases it is comfortable to use Google Data Studio but how to replicate sales funnel report in GDS is not obvious at all. In the article I am talking about the way I set up the sales funnel in Google Data Studio for my client’s online store.