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How to union ranges in Google Sheets?

While working with Google Sheets, have you ever felt the need to pull the and union data from several tabs into another one? Basically, you can simply link certain tabs to a sheet. But if you work with dynamic data ranges that are different from day to day, how would you know how many rows you need? There is a solution!


Optional metrics feature

While working with Google Data Studio, have you ever felt the urge to show much more metrics at the same time without wasting too much space on the canvas of your report? For example, we have the charts and score boxes containing information about total active new users, but we want to show the data about one day active users as well. To do it, we need to use optional metrics


Spend Tracking Template Overview

When you work with paid ads you can check cost and revenue every day. For this case I created a nice Google Data Studio template called Spend Tracking dashboard. Data in template is random and it may be far from reality but the main idea is to explain the logic of the report.


Introduction to Data Blending (Join Concept)

Researching the Net I found that there is really little information about Data Blending in Google Data Studio because it is a comparatively a new tool in the service but you may be already acquainted with it, if you have worked with the SQL. So, here I am to tell you more about blended data. In Google Data Studio it is easy to use without any row of code.